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Evergreen Shrubs

  • from $34.99

    Arborvitae, Hetz Midget

    Dense, globe-shape form. Requires no shearing to maintain globe form. Very slow grower. Mature H x S:  2' x 2'-3' Zone 3 - 8 Available in 2 and 5 g...

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  • $62.99

    Boxwood, Green Mountain

    Mature H x S:  5'  x  3' Naturally cone-shaped if left unsheared.  Dense and upright.  Relatively fast growing variety of Buxus. Prefers full sun t...

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  • from $42.99

    Boxwood, Green Velvet

    A broad-leaf evergreen that is a slow growing and rounded plant well suited for low hedges. Has good green color in winter. Mature H x S: 2'-3' x 3...

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    from $42.99
  • from $28.99

    Juniper, Andorra Compact

    A compact form of Andorra Juniper with light green foliage in summer, that turns a plum color in winter. Does best in full sun. Mature H x S: 18" x...

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  • from $28.99

    Juniper, Blue Forest

    Use this juniper in rock gardens and as a groundcover in small sites. It has ascending branches that form a miniature blue forest. Full sun or ligh...

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  • from $35.99

    Spruce, Birdsnest

    A beautiful dwarf spruce, broad, dense and slow growing. Light green foliage on spreading branches rises up slightly with nodding tips. A distincti...

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  • from $36.99

    Yew, Taunton

    A compact growing form with black-green needles. Forms a broad, spreading shape at maturity. Resistant to insects and diseases. Mature H x S: 4'-5'...

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  • $42.99

    Yucca, Golden Sword

    The part of the plant that produces the flower will die out after the bloom is finished, and small plants around the main plant will take over. An ...

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